School Fete Petting Zoo

School fetes are a great community event.  Having Noahs Ark Farm Friends Petting Zoo visit your school fete is a fantastic tool to further encourage families to be at your fete.  Our petting zoo is one of the first places children want to go when they arrive, and they will continue to visit our paddock over and over throughout the day. 

We provide a paddock that is approximately 10 x 10mtrs.  We arrive in time to assemble the paddock and settle the animals before the event is to begin,  normally this is around one hour earlier.  Along with a larger paddock come some more animals.  As a general rule we ensure that we always have a variety of animals visit with us,  appropriate to the size of the paddock and the time of year.  Animals we have at different times of the year are,  Alpaca's Llama's, pigs, interesting breeds of chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, guineapigs, mice, sheep/lambs, goats/kid and sometimes even a calf. 

You can rest assured that our paddock is clean and safe for your guests,  we provide this by ensuring we have experienced animal handlers on duty at all times to regulate visitors into the paddock and regularly clear any animal droppings throughout the day.  Our animals handlers are also there to help children to enjoy handling the animals by using the right cuddle techniques, so our animals can also be happy.

Some tips when thinking about having Noahs Ark Farm Friends Petting Zoo at your next fete.

Position is important.  We have a large vehicle and trailer, and will be unloading fencing and animals, so we really need to be at our paddock site.  The animals cope much better when they have some shade for the day.  So under trees where possible.

Have us there for the full duration of the school fete.  Packing up fencing and animals when children are present is difficult.  Moving a large vehicle around during your school fete is risky.

We understand that fundraising is your goal for the school fete.  We are happy to explore some fundraising ideas you may have to help you raise funds for your school.

Some schools have a donation box for visitors to the petting zoo to donate a gold coin.  Usually a volunteer is there to collect that donation so we can concentrate on the visitors and the paddock.  Maybe some photography where a child can have a photo with their favourite farm animals can be purchased by the participant.  We can set up a special backdrop for photography.

Finally, we ensure we have all the information we need from you, to set up a great fun Petting Zoo experience for your fete.  We appreciate that organisers are busy on the day of the fete.  All you need to do is point us in the right direction to our site and we can set up independently with no fuss.


Perfect for a range of events

  • Children's Birthdays
  • School fetes
  • Preschool and Daycare groups
  • Disabled and Elderly groups
  • Corporate family days
  • Animal Photography
  • Shopping Centres
  • Market places
  • Fundraising events