Did you know the worlds largest rabbit named Darius weighs about 22kgs and is about 121cm’s long.   That is big!  Well thank goodness, ours are not so big.  They are small, soft and cuddly.  They also make great pets.

Rabbits can have as many as 24 kittens in one litter. Although that is rare. Mostly we have between 1 and 10 kittens. Rabbits are pregnant for 31 days and can be pregnant again as they raise their babies. Babies are born without hair, and their eyes closed.  The lifespan of a rabbit is normally 8 to 10yrs.

Follow this link for information about caring for rabbits.

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  • Corporate family days
  • Animal Photography
  • Shopping Centres
  • Market places
  • Fundraising events

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