About Noahs Ark Farm Friends Petting Zoo - Canberra's mobile Zoo

We live on a property just outside Canberra and have five children of our own, who I watch interacting with our animals and see the enjoyment and life education that it gives. Noah’s Ark Farm Friends Petting Zoo gives children without this opportunity a chance to see, touch and learn about farm animals in a safe environment.

Our animals are all handled by our family from birth.  They are really used to humans being part of everyday living.  In fact, given the chance they will actually follow us where ever on the farm we may go.  This is a great outcome because it means our animals do not become stressed in any way whilst on duty at Noah's Ark Farm Friends Petting Zoo.  It also ensures they will not shy away from children wanting to have a cuddle or a pat.

At Noah's Ark Farm Friends Petting zoo we ensure our animals are healthy and happy, by providing them with the correct health care and housing.

Perfect for a range of events

  • Children's Birthdays
  • School fetes
  • Preschool and Daycare groups
  • Disabled and Elderly groups
  • Corporate family days
  • Animal Photography
  • Shopping Centres
  • Market places
  • Fundraising events

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